Into the VOID Films

Filmography Archive

Fertility- 2019

A young woman is confronted by a terrifying prospect.

The Truth ENG News Package- 2019

Live broadcast practice.

2019 Massive Blood Drive PSA: Blood Purifies- 2019

Annual Blood Drive PSA.

Give Blood

Whitewall: Subtle Pride Music Video- 2019

Music Video Practice

Transit – 2018

Interdenominational elevator.

How to Mic Tutorial- 2016

Reel Voices 2016 3rd Place Winner : Instructional

How to Host Tutorial- 2016

Instructional Hosting Video

Storytime: Legend of Boggy Creek- 2015

A group of teens try to hunt down a legendary creature and find a lot more than they expected.

Storytime: The Goat Man- 2015

A young couple’s camping trip is turned into a nightmare.

Somniphobia- 2015

What are you afraid of?

To Dream of Silent Hill- 2014

A girl wakes up in a strangely familiar town.

Day of the Evil Dead- 2014

When a family moves into a new home it’s probably for the best you don’t read strange books you find in the basement.